First Step

Everything begins with a First Step.

Do not be afraid to take it.

Thank you Constellation!

Congratulations First Step Team on being Constellation Community Champions for the third year in a row! Thank you Constellation for the grant!

I envision a future where we all think about how to make the world a better place and start by taking small but concrete steps. I have always wanted to clean up trash, save coral reefs, solve hunger and other large scale problems. 

That's why I founded this team. Let's all take the First Step to a better future.

-- Annie Lin, founder and 2020-2024 president

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Accomplishments by the Numbers


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Volunteer awards in 2022

Doing community service benefits your mental health as well

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We are a group of Asian American students who contribute towards a clean environment and help people in need. 

We want to make a lasting positive impact on our community through our volunteer work.

Many team members have written articles published in both English and Chinese to promote participation in community service among the local Chinese American community.

Clean up trash in public areas (parks, trails, rivers) near us

Fundraise for various nonprofits

 Volunteer at local food banks, MedShare, Trees Atlanta etc.

and more...


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